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When unavoidable or unanticipated situations cause the absence of one or more of your key F&I people… ​​

What are your present options?

We posed that question to 73 local Dealers and their answer was “we improvise”. These same dealers also unanimously agreed that their F&I Departments were a vital, and in some cases the most vital profit center in the Dealership. Given the importance of your Finance Department YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO IMPROVISE!

And the good news is… now you don’t have to!

With our F&I Solutions Temporary Services it’s our mission to provide a sensible alternative to improvisation. A solution which will maintain the vital continuity and profitability of your Finance Department…without compromising the confidence of your sales staff and most importantly… the confidence of your customers.

Professional, Reliable, F&I Specialists. Available for short term, short notice situations that just can’t wait!  


Serving Dealerships Nationwide since 1990

F&I Solutions - Temporary Services

Fast Fill-In
Coverage for:



Sudden Illness

Special Sales Events 

Weekend Volume Increases 

Temporary Relief   

Scheduled Vacations 

Religious Events

​Notary Service Available


Temporary to Permanent

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