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Candidate Partner Network... We do the recruiting for you can focus on what you do best... selling cars!
AutoCareersOnline has built the industry’s most powerful candidate acquisition network. Partnering with top performing search engines, Automotive Industry publications and over 3800 accredited and technical university careers centers nationwide, we recruit seasoned automotive professionals, as well as recent graduates who are exploring opportunities in the Automotive Industry.

Targeted. Strategic. Results.
Why recruit job candidates who don’t resemble your ideal employee profile? Answer: We don’t. Our revolutionary applicant matching technology eliminates the need to sift through hundreds of unqualified candidates... so you can find... and more importantly...retain the best employee for the job!

All Job Candidates are not created equal.

Our targeted Quality control filters enable you to choose specific skills for prospective employees based on your hiring criteria. Our relational database matches qualified candidates to Automotive Employers using online assessment tools to assess job candidates skills and qualifications. This ensures only the highest quality most desirable prospects are delivered to you and your dealership. 

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